Domestic abuse nearly cost me my life.  The emotional healing has taken far longer than I imagined. I am committed to share my story; as my mission is to help other women who find themselves in abusive relationships.  I am committed to using whatever platform the good Lord provides me to advocate  for, and help women who suffer from domestic abuse.  God had a clear purpose for me when he saved my life.  My mission has just begun.” ~ Betty Taylor

Finding God in the Lemonade ~ A Guide To Reclaim Your Life After Domestic Bullying ~ by Empowerment Coach Betty Taylor, is a warrior story where you will discover the facets of domestic abuse; the physical, emotional, and financial toll it can take on your life, and  find a guide to the steps you can take to effectively and safely  break  through the pain.  It is filled with suggestions and tips to assist you on your  journey to reclaiming your confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to recognize the ways we assume responsibility for our abuser’s behavior  so that we can begin to realize that we are not the problem
  • The personality traits of a narcissist/abuser so that you can see the patterns of abuse they engage in to maintain control over their partner
  • Ways to demonstrate self-respect so that others will have respect for you as well.
  • What empowerment can mean for you so that you can want to make a positive change in your circumstances
  • Steps you can take to keep your faith alive so that we can move forward in hope instead of fear
  • The healing process, and steps you can take for healing, so that you can begin to take care of your physical and emotional well being
  • How to move forward; learning from your past, but not allowing it to define you, so that you can let your past positively shape your future–not define it

Finding God in the Lemonade validates and authenticates the feelings of women who experience, but fail to recognize, the emotional abuse in their intimate partner relationships.

These women often minimize  and justify the behaviors of their partner, believing it is not hurtful, harmful, or destructive– given the print and broadcast media focus on the violent nature of domestic abuse.

Women who read this book will discover just how harmful and psychologically destructive emotional abuse is, and learn how to empower themselves to lead their most authentic life.

Women who read this book will discover the harmful and emotionally destructive nature of domestic abuse, and learn the power of authenticity by living a more open, honest, and engaged life.